July 20-28, 2018


a.       July 20 - Leave 5:30 AM

                                                   i.        Stop in Lubbock for lunch around 12:15 PM

                                                   ii.       Arrive in Pueblo, CO around 8:30 PM - Microtel Inn, 3343 Gateway Dr, Pueblo, CO

 b.       July 21 - Saturday, Leave Pueblo, CO  approximately 8:00 AM

                                                   i.      Arrive in Twin Lakes, CO (TREK grounds) around 2:00 PM. Stop at the Royal Gorge.

                                                          TREK CAMPSITE         

                                                   ii.     Saturday evening – Safety briefing, rest and sleep on the TREK camp grounds

c.       July 22 - Sunday

                                                   i.      Worship

                                                   ii.      Rappelling

                                                   iii.       Issue equipment

                                                   iv.       Pack for mountain climb

                                                   v.      TREK out to low camp

d.         July 23 - Monday

                                                   i.      TREK to high camp (this is where they may start losing cell phone signal)

e.         July 24 - Tuesday

                                                    i.     Rest

                                                   ii.    Re-energize

                                                   iii.    Acclimate to the altitude

f.       July 25 - Wednesday at 2:00 AM – wake up

                                                   i.      2:30 AM – Climb to a 14,000 foot summit

                                                   ii.     Summit - 11:00AM - 12:00 PM - Time depends on mountain they climb and speed of the group

                                                   iii.     3:00 - 5:00 PM (approximate) – Return to high camp from summit . Depends on the mountain

g.         July 26 - Thursday

                                                   i.      8:00 AM Wake up

                                                   ii.      Pack and TREK back to base camp

                                                   iii.     Arrive to base camp around 12:00 PM

                                                   iv.     Shower

                                                   v.      Go to eat in Leadville, CO at High Mountain Pies (NBYG tradition)

                                                   vi.      Some teens like using the extra time to shop for souvenirs in Leadville.

                                                   vii.     Return to TREK campsite for 6:00 PM dinner

                                                   viii.     Devotional to close out the trip

h.     July 27 - Friday

                                                   i.      Wake up at 6:00 AM

                                                   ii.      Leave at 7:00 PM

                                                   iii.      Arrive in Amarillo, TX at 4:00 PM (approximate)

                                                   iv.     Check in at the Big Texan Motel, 7701 Interstate 40 Access Rd, Amarillo, TX 79118

                                                   v.     Eat at the Big Texan (18 year NBYG tradition) at 6:00 PM

i.       July 28 - Saturday

                                                   i.      Leave Amarillo at 9:00 AM

                                                   ii.      Arrive at the church building at 6:15 PM (approximately)

Route we will be taking: Click to See Map

Adult Point of Contact(s):      Kathy Martinez - 210-685-2190

                                                    Eric Roldan - 830-221-5663

                                                    Evelyn Green - 210-452-1262

                                                    Duncan Campbell - 901-574-2814

                                                    Victor Martinez - (210) 744-5850 Note, once they start ascending to high camp, depending on mountain   and cell carrier, they are likely to lose cell phone signal. If for some urgent/emergency reason you MUST contact your teen or adult, contact Victor Martinez.

Teens that are attending

1. Gio Cordoba

2. Jesus Villareal

3. Juan Gonzalez

4. Christian Arreguin 

5. Miguel Arreguin

6. Taylor Hughes

7. Denzel Papillon

8. Anthony Roldan

9. Ruben Moreno

10. Emily Boykin

11. Krystal Pulaski

12. Kaylee Proctor

13. Kaelyn Suarez

14. Hailey Pompa