Reminder! Please, we need EVERYONE on deck to help and be there by 10:15 AM. The check-in (Communion Coordinator) table can help you get to your assignment.

Communion Coordinators: I will print out two maps and the instructions, one for each Sunday, so you can write on it and keep track which positions have been manned.

Servers: Like always, we need you to help serve, but we also need you to help out with ushering. We will use less ushers than normal BUT WE NEED THE REST of of the servers to help with ushering. Please read the instruction sheet attached to this email for position instructions. Your sumbol on the map is the purple ribbon looking icon. Ushers, remember, there will only be three entry ways. The two side CLC glass doors and the back CLC door that goes out to the workroom. Once worship is over, they can leave through all the doors.

Greeters: There will be a Guest Table set up in CLC 2. Please escort Guest to the table so we can give them their gift bag and obtain their information. Remember about opening the partions and curtain at the end of worship.

Joe: We have safety vest for the parking lot attendants. Larry purchased them yesterday. Remember, there will be two large WELCOME flags at the entry ways to the CLC so people will know which way to go.

Coffee: The fellowship area for coffee and donuts will  be at the coffee/counter area in CLC 1.

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 Thank you so much for your help during this exciting time!